Review-Matched To A Billionaire

Matched to a Billionaire (Happily Ever After, Inc #1)Matched to a Billionaire by Kat Cantrell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Leo Reynolds is determined not to lead the life of poverty that his parents did and has no time in his hectic chase to the top for love or relationships. In fact a commitment of that sorts is of no importance to him until he realizes that he needs his personal life to run as smoothly as his business life does and a wife seems to be the answer to his problem.

Daniella White always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding with the man of her dreams. That is until her mother is diagnosed with cancer and needs treatments that neither she nor Dannie can afford. After several lost jobs due to her constant need to take off to shuttle her mother to the doctor, she’s at her wits end and answers an ad for a matchmaker.

Problem solved when they both go into an arranged marriage as a way of attaining security.

First of all, I’d like to say up front that I don’t normally veer towards stories with Billionaires in the title. I tend to like your every day average Joe that works for a living, however, I found this story engrossing. I literally couldn’t put it down. From the very beginning I loved it. Both characters were well developed and easily likable with both having flaws of their own. Well written page turner that you didn’t want to put down.

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