Review- Black Dog Nights Trilogy

Black Dog Nights (Part Two)Black Dog Nights by Ren Monterrey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This review pertains to the series as a whole as I breezed through this trilogy in a span of two days. They are fast, intense reads that keep you wanting more.

Nicely written and evenly paced, I hated to put it down. The characters are well rounded, interesting, and believable. Ms. Monterrey does an expert job of taking the popular “billionaire alpha male and shy submissive heroine” storyline and making it unique. At times I both liked and disliked each of the characters and for different reasons, but by the end it pulls together making it a wonderful read.

I was literally engrossed. I rarely hand out 5 Star ratings. To get a five star, you must leave me balling like a baby or laughing hysterically. A 4 Star rating earns you a spot on my favorite authors list. So you can guarantee that I very much liked this book and will continue reading the series. I’m actually disappointed that the next installment isn’t already out.

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