Write more, Tweet Less

I came across some great advise yesterday.  J.A. Konrath wrote a blog post titled “Publishing Advise I’d Give My Younger Self.”  It was list of things that I think every new author could look at and find at least a half a dozen things they could relate to.  One thing in particular jumped out at me- Turn off the internet while working.

See, I’ve been in a slump.  A writing slump that is.  I have all these ideas running through my head and I can’t get them out.  At first I thought I might have writers block.  It’s not something I’ve ever had an issue with before, because I’ve never had a problem with words coming out.  However, is it writers block if the ideas are there, but you can’t concentrate long enough to put them down?   The past two weeks have been wildly crazy, especially at work.  Plus, my kids are back in school and we are trying to get back into a routine of having homework and bedtime.  Not to mention that I’m still steadily working on trying to get Drive Me Sane out there for other’s to see (several upcoming things that I’ll soon be posting about).  That in itself can be a full time job.  I do pretty well at organization and time management and I have always worked well under pressure, so I never considered any of these things to be an issue with my writing.  So what’s my problem?  I wasn’t sure.  All I knew, was that I’d sit down and end up staring at my laptop with very little ever coming out.  Then one night, as I was responding to an email, my Kindle chimed indicating I had some kind of notification from Facebook or Twitter.  I stopped what I was doing, picked up my Kindle and guess what?  For the next hour, I was facebooking and tweeting and reading blogs.  I don’t have writers block, I have distractions!  It’s hard to focus on what you want to say or do when you have two or three other things going on.  Apparently, my time management skills aren’t nearly as good as I thought.  Which makes me realize that I’m going to have to make some adjustments to my routine if I ever intend to get that second novel finished.  Number one on my list, is to set aside time just for writing; no email, no Twitter and no Facebook.  Secondly, schedule days to write my blog post instead of trying to fit them in whenever the occasion arise.  This one in particular is important because I’ve had some ideas of monthly post that I ‘d like to start trying.  And thirdly, devote a specific amount of time to those “distractions” and then let them be. Otherwise, they can quickly become consuming.   Write more, Tweet Less.

Don’t worry my social media pals,  I ‘m not going anywhere, I’ll just be around in a more writer friendly way 🙂







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