thanksgivingI know it’s Wednesday, not Thursday.  But I’m I hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I have a full day of cooking ahead of me and after all that’s done and I’m stuffed from all the  goodies, the last thing I’m going to want to do is write a blog post.  Plus, I’m still NaNo’ing (less than 10,000 words to go), so I will have to fit that in at some point.  And besides, everyone’s blogs, twitter and Facebook feeds will be overrun with I am thankful for post tomorrow.  Mine wouldn’t be much different.  We all know I’m thankful for my husband, boys, family, health, job, etc.  I mention them from time to time, so it’s a safe bet that I’m happy that they are all a part of my life.  But there are other things I’m thankful for.  Things I don’t think of each and every day because they don’t seem all that important, but in the grand scheme of things, they make my life better or easier.  So here it goes, a few of the odd or not, things that I’m thank for:

1) Cereal  I’m not a big breakfast kind of woman.  Bacon, eggs, sausage, they are okay. If I’m going to eat all of that, I prefer to do so for dinner.  And I don’t like to cook it either, because who has time?  Not me!  I do good to get both boys to school and make it to work. I can’t be standing over the stove for an hour before I send them off for the day.  It’s not happening on the weekends, either.  I’m usually up hours before anyone else and I’ve already eaten a granola or cereal bar, so if my little boogers want breakfast, that’s what the box of cereal is for.  Or they can wake Dad, who is usually more than willing to cook.

2)  Perms-   I totally brought back the eighties when I grew out my hair and permed it several months ago.  I can’t say that it’s my favorite look, but man does it make getting ready in the mornings a whole lot easier.  Wash, throw some mouse or gel in, and I’m off.  No drying, no straightening, honestly I can’t remember the last time I actually combed through it.  Can’t complain about that.

3)  SoBe Lifewater- Just because I like it.

4) ! and 🙂 – Because I tend to use them a lot! 🙂

5)  The notes app on my phone- Without it I’d forget all kinds of things. It also comes in handy when I’m on the go and get struck with an idea.

6) Candy Crush– It gives my husband something to do when I’m deep into writing and ignoring him.  He’s on level six hundred and something and very proud of it.

7)  My dryer– I do not iron ANYTHING!  I know … terrible me.  There’s more important things in life than ironing clothes, brushing your hair regularly, and cooking grand meals (I actually do cook and quite well, just not breakfast).

8) Bleach– I’m odd, I like the smell.

9) Internet Shopping– Have I mentioned how much I dislike shopping?  I loathe it.  I don’t like crowds, I don’t like dwaddling around, trolling through stores, looking at things that I really don’t need or want.  If I have to go out, I will, but I much prefer to find what I need online and have it shipped to me.  Much easier … so if you’re wondering about black Friday shopping, that would be a big NEGATIVE.   I did it once and it wasn’t a bad experience, I just didn’t save enough money to validate getting up (or in my case not going to sleep), waltzing around in the cold, and standing in line, all to save a couple bucks.  Yeah, not happening.  So, when everyone else is out sifting through bins, I’ll be here, probably typing away.  Have fun, though!

10) Whoever thought of flavored coffee creamer– We don’t have a Starbucks in my town.  McDonald’s McCafe is about as close as it comes and while I’m not particularly a picky person (I actually do like their White Chocolate Caramel Mocha), I don’t honestly have time, or budget, to run through McDonald’s every single morning.  So flavored coffee creamer is the next best thing.

But on a serious note,  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, that you’re surrounded by the one’s you love, and that you’re bellies are stuffed full of all sorts of goodies. Thank you for following along and listening to my rambles.  I appreciate each and every one of you.


8 thoughts on “I’M THANKFUL FOR CEREAL

  1. Once again your post had me howling with laughter. Amen to not doing the ironing or brushing your hair. My hair is naturally wavy so I can totally get away with not brushing it and pff the ironing and yes, I also love !!!!! Think we’re sisters from another mister (my daughter taught me that saying yesterday when she said it to me, I said, no – umm, I’m your mother:D)

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  2. Love cereal! Captain Crunch is my favorite but I rarely have it. Coffee Creamers – love most of them but don’t try the sugar free, fat free, toasted hazelnut (yuk). My wife bought it the other day it tastes “burnt” for lack of a better word. I have been having use Irish Cream in my coffee…. real Irish Cream. Well, McCormicks, which is like budget Irish Cream but since I’m not going to work….

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  3. Internet shopping…Amazon is a confidante during the busy holidays, for sure. And CTC (cinnamon toast crunch) knows the way to my heart…


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