It’s a sad day …  A sad day indeed, when one must make up their “workspace” for a blog post to showcase where they do their best work.  Rachel Carrera tagged me in this blog hop and since I’ve got nothing better to talk about these days, I thought I’d take the opportunity to gripe about my lack of space.  I’m also hoping the hubby, who I know reads these from time to time, takes the hint and gets on the ball of creating a space for me 🙂

writing-alcove2Something like this would suit my personality perfectly.  Small and simple, I can imagine all kinds of creativity happening here.

All joking aside, we know not having a desk for me is a problem, but there is a bigger problem than the lack of a desk.  It’s called space!  Space:  a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied.  Continuous area- the woods behind my house might fit this definition, but I’m fairly certain I’d freeze my arse off if I attempted writing outdoors right now.  Free- there isn’t even a free wall in my house.  Unoccupied- I have two boys in the house and I can promise you, there is nothing that they don’t get into or that isn’t occupied by them at some point.  Okay, so you get it, my house is small.  I look at it as less to clean!  But I do need a desk and yes me and the hubby have discuss remedies to this situation, but they all require another thing that isn’t just lying around MONEY!

At some point we plan to add on and an office for me will be included in that project, but for now, I roam from place to place, wherever my laptop takes me. Mostly this would be sitting in bed as I’m doing right now.  Sometimes I’ll venture to the couch in the living room, but between the boys fighting, the TV, game systems, and everything else going on, it’s hard to concentrate there.  occasionally, I’ll find a happy medium and sit at the kitchen table where I can oversee the commotion and yet still be distanced from it, but that usually doesn’t work out all that well either.

2-Chiang-Mai-JungleUnfortunately, my tabletop view is nothing like this, but I’m dreaming here right? Okay, so if I’m dreaming, right now I’d like to be some place warm- like the beach!


No matter where I am, I usually have a few things by my side. Yes, two Kindles and my little green notebook complete with coffee stain on the outside.  If you’re brave, click on the picture to enlarge it, look over the mess, but check out the name of the candle!  I found that little gem at a truck stop and believe it or not, it smells really good 🙂

IMG_9983[1]As for any other must haves: a bottle of water or cup of coffee nearby. IMG_0010[1]I love the sayings under the SoBe Lifewater lids!


Again, I’m dreaming!  No Starbucks anywhere near me!

As you can see my workspace or err um, workspaces aren’t exactly ideal.  But I’m a big believer in not letting what you don’t have stop you from doing what you want.   When I get that lovely addition added on, I’ll be sure to update this post 🙂  And thanks Rachel.  If you are not following her blog, you should.  I’m amazed by her strength and the many talented things she does.

Now for the big announcement of who I’m tagging!  These are no-brainers. They are the only people I ever tag, because I hate putting anyone on the spot and they know there won’t be any hard feelings if they don’t participate.  We are all busy people.  I get that!  So, W.C. Cunningham, E.L. Wicker and Aetherhouse– feel free to share your creative spaces with us or NOT!


  1. The candle is hilarious! The water bottle lids are cool! And I love your imagination of a perfect work space! Maybe Hubby can build you a fold-down desk kind of like the old Murphy’s Beds. 😉 At least it is a bit easier with a laptop. So why do you have two Kindles? 🙂 (And I hope I didn’t put you on the spot by tagging you on this.) 🙂


    1. Sorry, I know I cheated a bit on this post :/ My Kindles … Kindle A and I don’t get along very well. For some reason it’s always complaining that it’s almost out of storage. I wouldn’t have the slightest clue why. Because it’s not like I’m constantly buy books or downloading free ones that catch my eye. I mean … who does that kind of thing? 🙂 I know, I have a problem **hangs head in shame**. Because of my book hoarding tendencies, my sister upgraded and bought me Kindle B for Christmas this year. 32 GB now, so I’m all set (I hope). I haven’t transferred my books over from Kindle A to B yet, so I keep both handy because I never know what I’ll want to read. Eventually I hope to work my way back down to just needing one. And oh no, you didn’t put me on the spot at all. I don’t mind, but I know some get all weird about things like that, so I’m never sure if I should put them out there or not.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! That makes sense about the two Kindles… I’m just on Nook #1, but it does have room for an expansion card if I need it. Yeah, I know sometimes people get weird about being tagged for awards and stuff, but I figured this was an actual fun thing that focused on our writing, so I was hoping it would be fun for everyone. For me, it not only forced me to clean my desk, but it gave me something else to blog about when I was running out of ideas. LOL!


  2. LOL At smell my nuts!!! Love it! And I will definitley take part. I was the same as you – wanderng around for a spot to sit – me and Ricky always said we’d get me a desk when we could afford it, but after the diagnosis on my spine (which wasn’t bad and easily fixed) we knew that we had to try and find the cheapest desk possible. We got one for £12 – it’s tiny – but it does the job! I love all the photos, the top one is such a perfect little cubby to work in – but the scenic ones – yes please too!!!


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