Give A Little

nepalPicture courtesy of Authors for Nepal Facebook Page

We’ve all heard about the earthquake that ravished Nepal, so there is no need to go into a lengthy post about the loss  and devastation there.  I’m fairly certain nothing I could say would ever properly describe the havoc those enduring this tragedy are currently faced with.  However, I can help.  A little.  And so can you.  A little. And maybe my little and your little will encourage the next person to donate a little, too.

I know we all have causes to support and many of us struggle just to pay the bills, but there are many ways, other than financially, that you can help.  How? Well,  couple of women came up with the idea to run an literary themed auction and have reached out through a Facebook page, Authors for Nepal, for donations.

Again, how can you help?  In all kinds of neat and creative ways.  Some have donated signed copies of their books, while others are offering up their services.  I even saw a chance to name a character in someone’s next book, which I think is a pretty awesome idea.  In the grand scheme of things, this might be small, but every little bit helps and hopefully all these small efforts pulled together will make a big difference.

If you’d like to learn more, please like and follow the Facebook page, as  information about the auction will appear there.  If you don’t have anything to donate, but would like to help anyway, check out the auction when it goes live.   I’ve seen the list of donations and I’m am sure there’s going to be lots of goodies to chose from.

Money raised goes toward rural early childhood and school centres affected by the Nepal 2015 earthquake.  Monetary donations can be made to Earthquake Relief for Nepal disaster page created by FIRST STEPS HIMALAYAa New Zealand based charity providing early years education for rural Nepali children.

For any questions regarding donations, please email Julia at

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