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trrIt’s a month long celebration and I’m there! Well, I’ll be there tomorrow for a Question & Answer type game.   I’m offering up an ebook copy of Drive Me Sane to the person who wins.  And along with me, there are hundreds of other authors with prizes galore!  Head on over to The Romance Reviews for all the details.  Please note that you must be registered and logged into their site to take part in the giveaways.

I must admit, I’m partial to this site.  Unknown to me, my publisher submitted Drive Me Sane to them for a review.  Needless to say, I was beyond words and in tears with their response.  No lie!  I bawled like a baby.

You can find Angi’s 4 Star Review here or below:

“They fell in love as teens but their fears and frustrations as young adults drove them apart. Years have passed and, now, both their lives are on a downward spiral. An unforeseen chance to reconnect is the second chance they both desperately need to exorcise old hurts, as well as conquer the troubles that are currently holding each of them hostage.

Discharged from the Army and suffering PTSD after a tour in Afghanistan, Sera Cavins makes a quiet return to her Uncle Roy’s empty home in Kentucky to attempt to get her broken life back together. The remorse, regret, and guilt she feels has manifested into fears she’s not ready to confess to anyone. Finding her former fiancé Tyler Creech at her uncle’s home brings back even older hurts that make it doubly hard for Sera to hide the many secrets that steal her peace of mind and sap her wounded spirit.

Up and coming country music star Tyler Creech’s life is being consumed by the demands of his career, and his life no longer seems his own. The mounting pressure is taking both a physical and mental toll on him, so a few weeks’ hiatus at his mother and stepfather Roy’s home in Kentucky is where he hopes to work through some of the issues that are leaving him sleepless and torn. He never expected to run into Sera Cavins, the woman who pushed him away and who still haunts him with unresolved heartache and regrets.

If they can bear to share the same roof, maybe they can finally uncover the reasons behind their broken engagement and broken lives, let go the pain and fear and, finally, heal and move forward together.

Debut author Dena Rogers makes a spectacular entrance to the field of romance with this nicely paced emotional tale that’s sole focus is on mending broken hearts and broken lives. In my humble opinion, one can’t help but applaud the author’s tackling of the subject of PTSD in a former female soldier, and I thought her handling of the subject was relevant, vividly moving, and very well done.

With regards to Sera, I found her attempts to repress her emotions, as a means of self-protection, to be utterly convincing and understandable, even though I found I didn’t always like her when she engaged these defense mechanisms. Ms. Rogers nicely countered Sera’s actions with the often understated actions of Tyler, whom she characterized with the compassionate ability to understand and sense Sera’s needs in the face of his own troubled emotions. This balance of give and take in characterization truly enhanced the gradual changes in this couple’s relationship and kept the plot moving with new revelations and just enough valid recriminations to keep Tyler and Sera’s relationship grounded and real.

Despite the novella length of DRIVE ME SANE, this tale has lots of depth, adequate back story, and there are few psychological or emotional issues that are left untouched. Crafting such a compelling story in approximately one hundred pages is a feat that deserves recognition and surely designates Dena Rogers as a talented new author to watch.”

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I’ll be giving away a digital copy (or two) of Drive Me Sane.  Join the fun at Jingle Bells, Mistletoe & Magic or stop by the VIRTUAL EBOOK FAIR WEBSITE for more information.  Hope to see you there.






Participant-2014-Web-BannerYesterday was a tough day.  I wrote a pretty raw and emotional post and I wanted to say thank you to those that liked, commented, sent an email or tweeted a message.  It’s friends like you that make the day easier – and I appreciate that you didn’t all poke fun or point out all my mistakes 🙂  I’ll get around to fixing them someday.

Today is a new day and I’ve got my smile back.  My darling husband got me concert tickets to see Tyler Farr and Brantley Gilbert, so what’s not to smile about?  We’re also going away for the weekend, which will give me some time to think about, and finish plotting out my story for NaNoWriMo.  Yep, I’m giving it a go.  I’ve never tried it before, but I’ve been hearing so much that I couldn’t resist.  Plus I think having a deadline and a challenge will give me a little push and the discipline that I need.  I do have some worries.  Roughly 1600 words a day is a lot for me.  I don’t typically write every day and when I do, I strive for 1000, but it ends up usually being somewhere around 600-800. I’m not sure how this is going to work out with life being a little chaotic right now, but what can it hurt?  If I don’t complete it, I don’t and if I do … yay for me!

So feel free to look me up and add me to your buddy list and good luck to anyone participating.  To celebrate, I’m giving away a digital copy of Drive Me Sane on my Facebook page.  I like things simple, so all you have to do is comment where you’re from on the post.  Contest runs til noon tomorrow (or since I’ll be travelling, whenever I get to a place that I can pick a winner).  Best of luck!


With a Side of Sexy (The Sexy Series #1)With a Side of Sexy by Gigi Marie


Working as a waitress in the sexiest restaurant in LA has its perks: hot bartenders, a steady flow of cash in your pockets, and a phenomenally exciting night life. But for someone like me, who takes pleasure in routine and order, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve always liked things uncomplicated and safe. Safe, that is, until Patrick Rivers bursts into my life, causing my world to spin off its axis. What I did not know was with one small act of chivalry, my life would forever change because of the one thing I feared most—letting myself feel.

*This is an erotic novella with explicit sex scenes meant for mature audiences only. This is not a stand-alone book, but is meant to be read with the rest of the ‘Sexy Series.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I must confess I was drawn to the title of this book for no other reason than it’s quirkiness. With a Side of Sexy is the first installment of six short novella length stories. One story in, and I’m hooked. It’s quick, flows easily, keeps your interest and is well written. There isn’t a lot of character development yet, which brings up some questions that aren’t answered in this installment, but the light banter between the two characters is funny and smooth and the steamy parts, are well, hot and steamy. With a slight cliffhanger at the end, I definitely want to read on.

This is a great story for anyone that wants a fast, enjoyable read.

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