Keep Me Sane – WIP

A musician, a secret baby that’s not such a secret baby, and a girl who’s got sister issues instead of daddy issues, it’s an interesting cluster if I may say so myself.



5 thoughts on “Keep Me Sane – WIP

  1. After reading all the WIP’s, this one stuck out, no idea why but I just like the general idea of it. Just like you thought, when I saw the title I thought – book 2? But Drive Me Sane is an excellent standalone and as a reader, I don’t feel that it needs another installment. I like the sound of all of your WIP’s, but I really like this one 🙂

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    1. Thanks for always stopping by Emma. I couldn’t agree with you more about Drive Me Sane being a standalone. There was never any intention to continue on with it and none of the secondary characters ever “spoke” to me. But I do somewhat like the idea of two or maybe three standalones that have the same theme with similar titles. Just not sure if that will be confusing to readers.

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      1. It’s a joy to stop by and read! Readers may initially think it’s a set but the blurb will sort out any confusion so I wouldn’t worry too much at all 🙂


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