The Other Side of Perfect- WIP

The first story I ever wrote was set in Granger Texas.  It’s still  on my hard drive.  I’ve never submitted it to anyone, mostly because I know it needs a lot of work.  It was my first baby.  I actually poured years into it, but it was a lot of good practice.  Although I grew up about an hour north of Granger, it doesn’t really hold any special meaning to me.  I’m not really sure why I chose it as the setting, other than it was a quaint little town near Texas’ capitol of Austin.  However for it to be just a dot on the map, Granger has some pretty big things to boast about.  True Grit and the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre were both filmed there, as well as an episode of Revolution and a scene out of Courage Under Fire.

The Other Side of Perfect began as a continuation in a series I had planned for the book I mentioned above.  I think I have pretty much decided to let that manuscript go, at least for now, however The Other Side of Perfect is something that I have been working on and off with for a while.  It’s a romantic suspense that touches on a lot of subjects that I feel are true to today’s world.


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