When Love Goes South- WIP


Divorce, death, debt and depression, it wasn’t exactly the pair of double D’s Jillian Daniels wanted to boast about. But that was all behind her now, or at least she had thought, until a lifelong friend falls ill and asks her to join him and four other of their former friends in Mexico for one last hoorah before he has surgery.  Giving in she goes, despite her fear of flying or the fact that she hadn’t spoken to any of them in three years.

Grant Harris had one reason for spending his fortieth birthday in Mexico: to find and confront the bartender his wife of nine years cheated on him with.  It seemed like an easy enough task, that was until met Jillian, knuckle clutching the armrest while on the plane ride there.  Quickly forgetting all about his reasons for being in Mexico, he spends a funfilled week with Jillian and her friends and soon finds himself magnetically attracted to the beautiful blonde.

Surf, sand, old friends turned bad, and an ex-husband that gets in the way, Jillian and Grant flock to each other for the support that neither realized they’d needed.  But it’s when Grant realizes that he’d done the same thing his ex-wife had done and gotten caught up in the allure of being in paradise with a beautiful woman that things go south.





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